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Finding inspiration on the streets, shuboy is fearless when it comes to mixing genres. Injecting his blues into jazz, country. Singing and performing originals and covers on his National Steel tricone resonator, homemade cigarbox guitars and harp.

An old school street musician based in Saskatoon, Sk.  shuboy’s an experienced performer on the slide guitar and an accomplished harp player, he can be found singing and playing originals and reframed covers such as Folsom Prison Blues, Highway 61 revisited, Cold Cold Heart.

In the fall of 2022 shuboy earned himself a place in the First Buskers World Cup in South Korea, he made new fans as he performed his way to the semi finals competing against buskers from around the world.  Encouraged by the positive reception shuboy followed up with a successful South Korean 3-week tour that included the cities of Gwangju and Bussan.

An outside of the box performer shuboy is always willing to push the envelope. In 2019 he completed “Shuboy’s Traveling Medicine Show” a successful eclectic seven city tour that included all the best sidewalks in Western Canada. Performing from a sideshow carnival tent he wowed fans and created a new vision performance engagement.

Presently working on a second album “Tales from the Box” consisting of originals performed on harp and his cigar box guitar. The first single “chalk it up” has been released on spotify.

                                 Past performance appearances 2022

Napatak Ramble Music Festival                                  Edmonton Fringe Festival        

 Catherdral Village Arts Festival                                  Buskers World Cup Festival, South Korea

Manitou Beach Music Festival                                    Moose Jaw Sidewalk Days Festival

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